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I posted the other day about wanted to go to the gym early (before work).

Well today I did it! I set my alarm and was up at 6am. I went to my apartments gym (it's new and nice) and jogged/power walked on the treadmil for 35 min and stretched. Got my AP's and feel good. I think I feel good because I acomplished my goal even though it's one day. It's nice to have it over with so I can just go home and relax after work!

I don't feel anymore tired than I do getting up at 7! :)

I plan to keep this up. Tomorrow same thing but 45 min on the elliptical! :)

Also, I checked my weight this morning before the gym (missed WI last week since I was out of town for Thanksgiving) and it said I was up .6 since the last weigh-in. That just motivated me more. Now I am going to be extra careful with points and get lots of water in the next two days and get to the gym tomorrow and Friday for WI Saturday.

That is all! Hope you all have a good week!
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