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I really wish that all jeans of the same size and style all fit exactly the same....
I had 3 pairs of DKNY Soho jeans, nothing exciting, just jeans. I had a 14L, a 14R and a 12L. The 14R we smaller than the 12L with a really long crotch and never really fit right. The 14L are now to big and I bought them the day I started WW back in May (rewarding yourself for deciding to finally lose weight was a great idea, but buying pants for the reward was a dumb one.) I then bought a pair of 12L for my birthday. Today I took back the ill fitting 14R and thought they could be replaced with a 12R but no, I bought 2 pairs of 14R. I did gain a little bit of weight last month due to all the insanity but not enough to go back up a size, a mer 5 pounds. Silly clothes manufactures.

Grrr. I mentally like being a size 12, even though I'll admit I'm more a size 14. If only my bottom half would hurry up and catch up with my chest.
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