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Aww so close!!

I was so close to making my goal and just missed it slightly!! I wanted to be under 200 by tomorrow, my son's first birthday. My weigh in was this morning and I am close. I am sad though because I did try, just the holidays mess me up. Thanksgiving and my son's 1st birthday party threw me off...I had a loss but if those days didn't happen, I probably would have made goal. Ah well. I have been not so strict on the weekends lately, dipping into a lot of weekly points. And I have been losing but like 1 pound a week instead of 2 or for the next few weeks before Christmas, I don't have any major events going on so I am going to be strict like before and hopefully next week I can have at least a 2 pound loss to get me out of the 200s!!

New Goal: 195 by December 31st.

Psh I am so disappointed with myself :(

Hope everyone had a great holiday though!!
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