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So let me get this straight.... CORE PLAN

you can eat lean meats, fish, chicken - as long it's prepared in like a chicken broth and not fried or oily
any type of fruit and veg as long as it's in natural form - no sugar or syrups
1! cup at most of skim milk a day

- so really as much fruit as a I want - I love bananas but I hear so much bad stuff about them!

what is this 1 pudding a day? Like a jello fat free cup o' pudding instead of the 1 cup of skim milk?
And if I want cereal it has to be like sticks and rocks or puffs, no  raisin bran with that 1 cup of skim milk?

quaker oats maple syrup and brown sugar - you go into the flex points!

Where the hell is this smoothie thing coming in?

I just started so I am so sorry to ask you guys this, just cant f this up. I keep waking up to stretch marks fo real!

What cooking spray do you guys recommend so I can eat my eggs butter free?
What sugar substitute?

Do any of you ever use agave sugar?

any salad dressing that's your fav?

thank you thank you thank you!

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