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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Fall Challenge Starting Weight Checks
Short Hair
sugarraybabe wrote in _weightwatchers


Hello All

Please take a momment to look at this spreadsheet and make sure that I have your starting weights and goals correct.   If there are any errors please let me know and I will fix.  If you are not on here and you weighed in on the WI post let me know!

I will post again on friday for your first weeks weights.

Good luck everyone!!!


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Looks good to me! Thanks so much for doing this! I had a good week, so I'm anxious to report my results!

ummm I posted the incorrect weight, I'm 197 not 194. It's okay if you can't change it though.

Looks great to me! This will be interesting..

Thanks so much for doing this!

crap! i totally spaced and forgot monday existed. i still want in! 172

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