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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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OK Enough People Seem Into It so here goes Nothing!!!!
Short Hair
sugarraybabe wrote in _weightwatchers


Stealing this format from the girl who started running it last time!  Wherever you are no hard feelings!

This Challenge will run from October 24 - December 26 th  It will give us 10 weeks and will technically run into the winter but then we can start the Winter 09 Challenge or something =).

 On Friday October 24th, we'll all post our starting weights from the weigh-ins of this week as well as your personal goal for the ten week stretch.  For example my goal will be to lose 10 pounds.   By default your goal will be 10% so just let me know if you have a diffrent goal.

I'll post, asking for all challenge members to post (in comments) their weights (in lbs) for that week - usually the weigh in from your last meeting, or the weigh in from your last update online.
You'll have until and including Monday to post me your updated weights. Don't worry about calculating how much you've lost, the spreadsheet will do that for you!
On Thursday, I will post the updated spreadsheet! Then we will start all over again!

Don't feel obligated to participate if you don't feel comfortable with others knowing your weight etc. but challenges appear to be extremely popular! It's all in good fun, and many people find it helps them maintain accountability, especially if not attending weekly meetings.

This is just a reminder that the fall challenge is starting soon. This is not a weigh-in post! 

Also I am going to post this a few times over the next week so the max amount of people see it hope nobosy will mind!


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lol ME too. This is the harder part of the year for this challenge, and the most important!

i'm focused!

NO Halloween candy for this girl!

yay! I hadn't gotten to participate before, so am excited!!

yes just post your weight when i post an announcement on friday the 24th

Hm, I think I might actually partake in this challenge. >=D

I have a question!

Ok, so I know this challenge starts on the 24th, and we have to post our weight like each Monday then right?

Well my WI's are on Tuesdays, would I still have a chance to post my weight?

so on the 24th you will give me your starting weight from the 21st, then on the 31st you will givve me your wi from the 28th. Get it? Its whatever you weighed that last week no matter what day.

This sounds awesome! THANKS!

I wasn't a member last time (I don't think) that this ran. What do I have to do that to be able to do this?

just post your weight next friday when i post the weigh in Entry

Thanks for taking this on...I appreciate it - I need this for motivation!!

This is great! I can't wait to do this! Thank you=)

lol. i was wondering where the wi posts went. i guess i'll sign up again :)

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