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Some questions about Core, and Japanese Food?
abitofanenigma wrote in _weightwatchers
Just some queries about Core:

a) when I eat a meal, say at a restaurant, that has some Core ingredients and some non-Core ingredients do I count the full meal in points or just the non-Core stuff? How is that possible? Or – if I know the complete points value of the meal do I just subtract the points value of the Core foods off of that?

b)More of a points question. I don’t always finish everything I’m given. If I plan a meal with some Points Value and don’t finish it should I just count all the points? This was actually my biggest problem with the Points Plan as I have a habit for not clearing my plate and then wondering how much I’ve actually consumed.

c)I’m not a big fan of sweet things (if I’m offered chips or chocolate I’ll take the chips anyday) so what – if anything can I substitute fruit and veg with? These are the only snacks listed, apart from WW Fruities and neither are particularly savoury. What about olives, wholewheat crackerbread with soft cheese or meat? Or are these only allowed at mealtimes?

Secondly, on Japanese food. I know a lot more of you in the States eat the stuff than they do over here! I’m a half breed though, so I like to eat it a lot. Okay:

d) Is Miso soup Core? What about the stuff you put in it? I imagine Tofu and Wakame are, but what about Abure Age (Fried Tofu – the spongy stuff)? I know the Miso sachets I take to work are only ½ a British point each, but I’m not sure about whether they’re Core.
e) Any good sites that have the nutritional values of Japanese foods? Preferably with Sat Fat content (most sites don’t have it). Japanese Cook Books have them as standard, but I can’t read Japanese.

And sushi isn’t Core! *weeps*


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Re: Sharing the Japanese Food Love!

Oh man, sashimi...I really need to find a good fishmonger.

I imagine abura age isn't Core, if it's fried...It's not agadashi but it looks like a similar idea really.

yeah, the thought of brown rice sushi crossed my mind - disgusting!!! I don't think it would stick together anyway. I know some people in Japan mix their rice with either barley or brown rice, but that still wouldn't make it core.


i've had brown rice sushi and i love it!! maybe try it. i really didn't find much difference except that it was waaaay more filling

I need the answer to your first question as well... I've been wondering this for a little while. That's what makes me hesitant to try core.

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