March 13th, 2013

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Hi guys my name is Crystal, I am 25 years old. & my height is 5'4

SW 157lb

CW 153

GW 135

I had a horrible break up 2 years ago and I let myself go but eating everything bad! I was always a fit girl, always worked out and ate right. Now I am getting back on track of things. Ive been eating super clean for the past 2 weeks and lost weight already. As far as me exercising, I work out using a fitness ball. I am beyond motivated. Summer is coming up and I want to wear shorts & skirts =[ I am bottom heavy. So my I gained a lot on my thighs. 29% of body fat I have & it needs to go!!

I love to cook & bake. All healthy stuff I will be posting picture & recipes of mine to share. I want to stay motivated, So I hope this community will do just that!

who said I cant have burgers & fries?


New Here!

Sort of! I've been watching the community for a while and have been on and off WW since I was around 15. However, I just rejoined the program on 3/2/13. I'm not going to meetings or following online, I've got an app on my phone that has all the tools that I have been using!! So now for my stats!!

Height: 5'2"

SW (3/2/13): 301.4

CW (as of my sunday weigh in): 292.6

Goal Weight: Right now I have small goals. Lose 10, 20,30, etc pounds. Ultimately I would love to get down to around 140 pounds.