October 27th, 2011


hello, i am myself

Name: Kim
Age: 29
Height: 5'8
Starting weight: 175lbs
Current weight: 164lbs
Total weight lost: -10.4lbs in 4 weeks
Goal weight: 145lbs

Hi everyone, pleased to meet you all and join this community. I have a SAHM, have been for over a year since I defended my thesis. I wanted to take a break from science and focus on my kids. Because I was having difficulties losing the baby weight, I decided to join WW online. It's working out for me so far. Though these days are getting a little tedious tracking everything but it is making magic happen!

I'm also on Google+ if anybody's interested in adding me to a circle clicky

New Member Intro

Good evening all! My Info:

Name: Sarah

Age: 33

Height: 5'5"

SW (starting weight): 355.6

CW (current weight): 346.6

GW (goal weight): 150

I think I need some support outside of my meetings... I over-ate at lunch today, and felt like crap afterwards, and I think I have gained this week. I will know more on Saturday morning.

How do you all keep yourselves motivated when things get tough?