December 31st, 2010

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  • nessun

Inspirational Reading?

A number of the meetings I've been at in the past year, people kept talking about how we visit and meet because we are overeaters, and it's an addiction. Being an addict to anything has an element of psychology to it that's not necessarily addressed by eating better and changing lifestyles - you also need to work on how things are hooked up in your head.

Then at work one day I read an article in Oprah Magazine about a book she read that addressed the need to change how you think. I can't for the life of me remember the book name, or the author, so my first question is - does anyone know what book I'm talking about? It was a recent magazine, maybe November or October, but not earlier.

My second question is, does anyone know of any similar books, or books on similar topics, that they've found helpful or interesting? Books on nutrition I've got, and healthy eating tips I've got from the WW booklets and toolkits. I'm interested in the psychology, and changing yourself from within while you're working on the outside.

Many thanks for your help!