December 4th, 2010

  • ragel



Name: Rachel
Height: 5'4"
SW: 221
CW: 190
Goal: 175

I guess I'll re-introduce myself, because it's been quite sometime since I've been in this group. I was here, then i got pregnant so I quit weight watchers (obviously) but I started back after the baby. My goal weight is to weigh my pre-pregnancy weight (175), and then I plan on making another goal later on. I have to do it in small bites!

Having a baby made me the biggest I've ever been. I actually gained about 70 pounds with my baby, but a good 20 pounds of that was water. I swelled up in month 5 and didn't stop until a few months after I gave birth. Yuck yuck yuck.

Anyway, I've been very diligent with working out three days a week, eating healthy and all that jazz but I've hit a roadblock. It's not so much a plateau as it is... well stress eating (we moved, then were burglarized, etc) and a loss of motivation. So I'm back, hoping that seeing everyone else's struggles and victories will keep me going.

So that's all. hi.