December 3rd, 2010

bat vibez

juice vs. the equivalent in whole fruit

Good morning! I just had a carrot/orange juice this morning from Jamba Juice. I went to add it to my pointsplus tracker, and noticed there is a difference in points between oj/carrot juice vs. carrots/oranges. I know juices take more of the fruit to make a 16 oz. vs eating ~ 8 medium oranges or ~6 cups of carrots in one sitting, so I typed that separately into the PointsPlus calculator, and it is giving me 0 points for 6 cups of carrots and 4 points for 16 oz. carrot juice. My ratio of fruit/veggie juice to whole fruit/veggie is exact (I work at JJ and am fully aware how much it takes to juice 16 oz. of each whole fruit/veggie)

Is there a specific logic in this that I am missing?

Thanks for any info.

Happy Friday! :)
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