December 1st, 2010

Subway PointsPlus

So probably like a lot of you out there, I rely on Subway a LOT when I'm on the go or just too lazy to cook. I just took the time to look up the nutritional info and plug in the 6g Fat or less sandwiches and here's what I came up with:

Turkey Breast - 7PP
Roast Beef- 8PP
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast-8PP
Subway Club- 8PP
Turkey & Ham - 7PP
Veggie Delight-6PP
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki-8PP

I believe the posted nutritional info is with wheat bread and these are w/out cheese. So looks like they are up a few points a piece. Correct me if I'm wrong! Thanks.

Sushi on Points Plus?

So as if I didn't have a hard enough time alread calculating sushi now I'm back at square one!

I haven't attended the new meeting yet (Saturday for me) but I've been on E-Tools and feel confused.

Anyone figure out sushi yet? :)

Specifically for a california roll?


Hello all-

I was a member of this community for a while but was gone for a while, during which time I got an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts in theatre) and had a baby (icon pic) who is now 6.5 weeks old.

I was 270 pre-pregnancy and got up almost to 300 before giving birth (but not over!). Now I'm settled at 282 and ready to start losing again.

I've got a monthly pass and am ready to go!


Does anyone know the new PointsPlus value for the "Bowl of cake" or "Single-serve cake" And if you've never heard of either of those, here's the recipe.


1 pk one step angel food cake mix
1 pk cake mix, any flavor


Mix angel food cake mix dry with any flavor cake mix dry, combine and store in a plastic bag.

To bake, take out 1/3 cup mix, add 3T water and stir well. Cook in microwave safe bowl for one minute. This makes a single serving of cake.

Old Pts 1 - Points+ ?