November 29th, 2010

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I know it's hard to embrace change sometimes, but really...the Smart Pop popcorn I've been eating has jumped from 1.5 points to 7pts? WTF  Also my fav WW Fudge Bars are up to 3 pts. Boooo

I feel like I need to throw stuff away and start over- now I have no idea what to buy!

The calculator for Droid BETTER be released asap. I don't want to buy an extra points calculator.
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♥Name: Katie
♥Age: 21
♥Height: 5'7
♥SW: 298
♥GW:in the long run 150. My short term goals are 10 lbs gone by January 1st, 25 lbs down by February 25th, and 50 down by May 25th.

I'm new to the WW thing. I know its worked for a bunch of people so I'm hoping I can be one of those people :D


So the last time i posted here i was all bent out of shape about not losing anything my first week...well. I was wrong. I did lose. 6.4 lbs. And now about 2 lbs every week since. I have noticed my jeans fit much nicer if not too big now. And my team leader recommended i start tracking my measurement to see where i'm losing. We'll see tomorrow if i've lost any inches!

I start the new program tomorrow and i hope it works as well as the old one did/does for me.

Name: Alyse
Age: 22
Height: 5'4
SW: 238.6
CW: 224.2
GW: 135
Current loss total: 14.4