November 28th, 2010

the new plan was announced today at the meeting!!

So did any of you guys go to a meeting today? They rolled out the new plan at ours.
I'm digging it. essentially everyone gets more points, but the point values in a lot of foods rise.
For example, i calculated a lean cuisine that used to be 7 ww points and it's now 9.

They announced that all fruit is now ZERO POINTS which I'm totally stoked about!
There are no more paper slide calculators, you have to buy a digital one.
Instead of calculating points based on Calories, Fat, and Fiber, points are now calculated on Fat, Fiber, Protein, and Carbohydrates. When I first used the calculator I was like WTF where do I enter in calories? Well, you don't. Ever. Shopping today was kind of weird. I felt kinda disoriented.

What are your thoughts?
I'm excited to see how this impacts my weight loss. Our leader said they've already been doing it in the UK for two years. Jeez we are so behind...