November 16th, 2010


About that...

I just realized that really I shouldn't be commenting in the threads about the coming new plan. I've canceled my Weight Watchers membership.

This isn't the place to get into my reasoning since I don't want to discourage anyone. The plan WORKS if you follow it, I just think that at this moment it's not what I need. I'll still be hanging around to cheer people on, share any philosophical insights and offer what I can on nutrition and exercise. When it comes to discussion about the plan I'm biased or soon to be ignorant so I will stay out of those.

Lots of love and good health!

(no subject)

Okay so I signed up for online WW today. I feel better for it, I'm looking forward to it and have been using the food ideas already. Problem. My Grandad still tracks but uses the old calculation on how many points you are allowed a day, for example height, age bracket, weight, gender etc.

I joined today and I put my age, 20. My height, 5'2 and my weight 16 stone 7lbs, I'm NOT a nursing mother. It gave me ProPoints value of 36 a day. Is this correct? I've had my Grandad telling me that it is far too much, and not even he gets that many.

Thank you, I will be posting lots for support, I'm going to need it!