November 8th, 2010


The holiday "season" is upon us...

I posted this in another forum in response to someone who was struggling with keeping motivation up during the holiday season. I think that the holiday struggle applies to all of us, so I thought I would share it here too.

When January comes, would you rather look back at your holiday season with regret, or with pride? This whole idea that the holidays are a season that starts at Halloween and ends at New Year's Day is why so many people struggle at this time of year. Thanksgiving is only one day. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are two days. With planning you can enjoy your favorite holiday indulgences on these days and still be on plan! The first Christmas that I was on Weight Watchers I actually changed my weigh in day so that my WPA would reset on Christmas Day, since both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are big events in my family. (I should add that I would absolutely not recommend making this a regular practice, because it is sort of cheating the program. However, if it helps you stay on plan I think it is acceptable to do once a year. I never consider this an option for planning for other events throughout the year.) Only you can decide how you will feel when you wake up on New Year's Day. Will you be excited to continue down the healthy path you are on? Or will you join countless others in putting losing the holiday weight at the top of your resolution list?