October 27th, 2010


New weigh-in and new results

I suppose I should more properly say old results since I'm fully back on program.

I lost 6.6 lbs this week.

SW: 406
CW: 220.6

The meeting was a great time. I'd had this leader sub for my old group and honestly that's why I jumped meeting times. She's exciting, she's intense and she's not afraid to color outside the lines...with the entire box of 64. So, at this point I'm fully re-energized. Time to deal with the remaining weight and move forward.

I did zero on one thing that concerns me a bit about Weight Watchers and who knows...maybe this will be one of the changes coming. I love that they are focusing a lot on exercise. Honestly being an arbitrary number doesn't make you healthy, being fit makes you healthy, weight is just a single indicator.


Why don't they address kitchen skills? The conspiracy theorist in me says that it has a LOT to do with them being a business and making a lot of money selling foods and putting their logo on foods..and their might be something to that but to leave this unaddressed seems a glaring omission. It's jarring to me that when the latest low-point/no-point crap out of a box comes up, the conversation goes up both in intensity and volume but bring up something involving food that involves some preparation or cooking and at best you get indifference or at worse, excuses. Why is "I don't have time to cook" an acceptable answer when "I don't have time to exercise" is not?