October 26th, 2010

New Me - New Year - New Doll
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Back again

So about 2 years ago I went through a series of life changes and stopped attending meetings at the end of it all. I had lost 55 lbs. Two pounds a week like clockwork. I now weigh what I did when I started those many years ago after promising myself so faithfully that I would never go there again. I hate the way I look. I can't stand the way the clothes fit. I have drawers full of gorgeous clothes that make me depressed to even think about.

If you had asked me all those years ago if I was exercising I would have told you "no" and been completely truthful. I never went out of my way to fit in a workout routine. I went to class and then to work as a counter clerk at a dry cleaner. I hit a plateau when I finished the classwork for my degree. I slowly stared to add pounds when I got a shiny new "real world desk job." I took me a long time to figure out why what I had been doing was no longer working. By that time I had already stopped meetings, disgusted with my weight gain and the woman who had replaced my wonderful leader Penny.

I have learned that If I get a gym membership I may or may not go(usually not). But if I sign up for a class it's a sure thing. In December, I began taking Yoga and discovered I love it and could go on and on about the benefits I gotten from it. It wasn't helping me loose weight though. Today I attended my first "Bootcamp." I got my glutes kicked and couldn't decide whether to throw up or pass out (I did neither). I will do no good though I I don't start tracking again.

I haven't regained all the bad habits. (Can you really after 3 years on WW?) I remember what it feels like to lose weight. I remember what I have to do to manage the portion size. I will not go back to a meeting led by that woman but I still have a journal, a point calculator, my cookbooks, and a brand new support group. Wish me luck.
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