October 19th, 2010

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Brownie of Doom

I hate chocolate. It's rich. Sweet. Makes me feel blah. I just flat out despise it. Until PMS hits. Then I get cravings up the wazoo. And my mom made the mistake of buying the best brownies ever from Safeway. And...damnit. I ate 2 today. I TRIED NOT TO. Really. I kept walking by them and saying "Nope. I won't give in. I care more about losing weight than I do eating a silly little brownie that will only bring me pleasure for five minutes". But my cravings were so strong, I just couldn't resist. I broke down twice in one day. I feel really guilty and like I need to exercise twice as much tomorrow to work get rid of the guilt.

My question is 1) Does this happen to you often and 2) How do you handle cravings this strong?