October 18th, 2010


Officially back on program

As of this morning, my racing season is over so I am back on program. I figure I've picked up a good ten pounds during the course of training for races and it's time to ratchet back the road work and start paying attention to following the program. I'm all about the tracking, GHG and more sane levels of exercise...at least for the remainder of the fall and winter. :-)

ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH

Hello. UGH I am so annoyed! 

I feel like I'm confessing my sins by saying "I eat prepackaged meals" but yes, I eat Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines during the week. Work is hectic, life is hectic, and I cook fresh delicious dinner every night of the week and I am weird about leftovers so sometimes (most times) at work I have a frozen thingie for lunch.

So today, I'm grabbing the Lean Cuisine 6pt lasagna from the freezer at work and I happen to see a Banquet frozen lasagna and I'm like okay, let me compare the two to see just how terribly unhealthy the Banquet Lasagna is, and it turns out that the Banquet lasagna has 70 fewer calories and one less gram of fat than the Lean Cuisine.

Why the hell am I buying Lean Cuisine?

Do any of you have any similar stories? I feel like a moron, blindly picking out "diet food" cos it has a points value or the word "lean" in it's title.