October 6th, 2010



i am at a loss. i want to continue on attending meetings but i am really tight on cash right now. i don't really get THAT much out of the meetings, but i do get a lot out of knowing i am going to be weighed in each week. and plus i love the online tools. however, since i am SOOO busy i hardly ever get to use them, but i find the recipe builder to be SOOOOO helpful! i am sorta confused. i have lost almost 30 lbs since june and started, and i know the plan pretty well. i love the weekly points trackers. any suggestions/tips that may sway me or help me make up my mind!

i was very hesitant about joining in the beginning only because of money, but my work will pay up to $150 worth of meetings, but I have used all that up.

i know i will stick with it even after i stop going to meetings, i just dont want my progress to slow down as well. i am just so busy and also, it's getting sorta hard to go to the meetings in my area..they really need to have more meeting times if you ask me!