September 5th, 2010


WW Scale...

Well, that may explain the lack of weight loss. 
I thought I had portion size down, and then started measuring again yesterday. 

My 3-oz steak was really 6-oz.  I was ok with measuring cup items, just not with protein portion sizes or bakery breads and rolls.

And speaking of scales, does anyone like the point calcuating one?  I have an old one that just gives weight, and then I convert it.  I don't know if the expense is worth it.
Kirsty and Kyle

A surprising loss

This week has been the most traumatic week of my life. Me and my fiancee broke up, because I finally got the courage to leave our abusive relationship. As a result, I've eaten all the things I'm not supposed too, and haven't been to the gym, but I still lost weight! Probably from stress more than anything, but hey, weight lost is weight lost!

Starting weight: 74kg
Current weight: 71.4kg
Total Loss: 2.6kg
Goal weight: 60kg

I'm going through pretty rapid emotional cycles right now, one minute I'm devestated, the next I feel amazing. Right now I'm happy to be doing ww for ME and getting fit for ME so that I can feel good, instead of doing it for someone else who doesn't really love me anyway.

Happy weight loss :D

Happy Sunday Weigh-in!

I'm a little stunned. I had planned to offer my weigh-in and a bit on what I find so great about running and encourage others to add something that they have found they really enjoy, be it activity or food and maybe I'll get around to that. Today, this one's about a number: 29.9.

SW: 406
CW: 220.4
GW: 180

The 29.9 is my current BMI.
I am no longer obese. I've been obese for at least 15 years and now I'm not and words just fail me to describe it.

Have a great week everyone!


Name: Alyse
Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
SW: 225
CW: 225
GW: 150

My workplace has offered a twelve week weight watchers program for the employees. If you attend 80% of the meetings my work gives 50% of the cost back to you. So it's a pretty good deal for 12 weeks and i figured i'd give it a shot. Obviously doing nothing isn't working. But i feel really good about this. I can do this with the other women i work with/see everyday. The support available to me is tremendous. I work in a grocery store,(a pretty high end one) and there are endless healthy options for breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner ready and available to grab off the shelf.

So we'll see where this goes!