August 31st, 2010



I just have to vent a bit to people who understand.
I've been at this a year and I've done pretty well...and honestly, I'm starting to get a bit tired of it. I've found that most everything along this path is double edged. No one likes to talk about that but I'm finding it to be true. The friends who support you...are also often enablers. Focusing on things not the also a way to stagnate or gain. The long term goal that spurs you also a source of boredom. Right now I'm more about that last one and in trying to get everything back on course, I'm realizing the truth of that.

Now is really the time where the solution is just to start doing something else for a while. I should be looking for new ways to eat my points and new activities to keep my body in motion BUT the focus for the half-marathon that has stood me in good stead is starting to become a bit of an anchor. With 30 days, 13 hours and 45 minutes until the starting gun, I really don't have the time to spare to take a mental health detour.

I guess this is another one of those moments where I reject the notion that weight loss isn't a race. It most absolutely is! In addition to being dedicated to doing lots of hard work day by day...while onlookers only notice your finish time it also involves a moment (heck more likely moments) where you have to chose how to define yourself. Are you going to quit, walk or keep running? The past couple of weeks (and indeed up to yesterday) of WW I've dropped back to a walk...unwilling to quit but coming up with excuses why I "can't" keep running.

It's time to start running again: I've eaten all the weeklies that I care to this week and activity points will be eaten in moderation...not as a reward or because I can.

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift." - Steve Prefontaine