August 24th, 2010

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Today was a mini-milestone for me, and I'm so excited and happy to be writing this post! Today's WI has me down 1.2 pounds, for a total of 47.6 pounds lost since January. This means I've hit and surpassed my 20% goal! Wow. I'm still in awe.

I was on vacation last week and didn't eat my best, but I really kicked my exercise up a notch. Being down the shore, I got to do ocean swimming, walking, AND bike riding. I'm thinking that, as a present to myself, I might splurge and buy myself this gorgeous machine: Schwinn Riverside 26" Womens Bike. It's a beach cruiser which means it has the cushy saddle I need, but at the same time it also shifts gears. It'll be perfect for riding back and forth to school come fall...which isn't all that far away, yikes!

Hope everyone's having a lovely week, and best of luck to y'all too!

SW: 234.0
CW: 186.4
GW: 160.0

I got married!

I started WW two years ago when I knew that shortly I'd be having to squeeze into wedding dress sample sizes. Well, the journey was long but successful. I lost about 75 lbs in about 18 months, and I have kept it off for almost a full year.

Four weeks ago I married the love of my life in a beautiful ceremony. Below the cut are some before pictures, and then some pictures of me on my wedding day (and some honeymoon ones too)

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