August 23rd, 2010


Belated weigh in

I posted to my personal journal and forgot to crosspost here. DOH!

This week's weigh in I lost .6 lbs.
This week I'm still trying to find the right balance on how many activity points I should actually eat. I've gotten low enough and the workout intensity has grown to the point where I can't NOT eat them. At least not unless I LIKE falling down. I thought I had it figured this week but a very scary near faint coming up a hill on Thursday had me adding a lot of points to my diet over the next couple of days. I hope I'll get it dialed in this coming week so I can get back into whole numbers.

The running training is still going well. I was kind of bummed that the weather had me on a treadmill for my long run today so I chugged out an extra mile. I feel like I'm fairly well prepared at this point and it's not about this race but the next one and the next one and so on.

Here's to another excellent week!