August 17th, 2010

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Woo, today was a good WI! I noticed that I forgot to update last week...I guess I was a little bummed. I had a difficult week with food and was only down the 0.4 that I'd gained the previous week. I decided that it was not the end of the world, as usual, and went on about my day.

Last week I went to a different meeting with a friend in a completely different location, and I was very unimpressed. The group seemed to be pretty hell-bent on perfection (which, coincidentally, was last week's topic, wasn't it?) and I really wanted to turn around and deck the woman behind me. She complained the entire meeting that she'd ONLY lost 1.6 pounds and I was like really? Be proud of yourself! 1.6 pounds is a HUGE amount compared to lots of other people. I guess that really bugs me.

So for this week, my goal was to "do better." Broad topic, I know, but I stuck to it. I tracked a bit closer, was a bit more mindful of my food, and picked up my exercise quite a bit. It paid off! I was down 1.2 pounds this morning, bringing my total to 46.4 pounds lost. Brilliant!

Hope your week is just as good, ladies and gents!