August 16th, 2010


Hello all :) I'm Hollie and I've been watching this community for a couple months now, and I thought it was time I introdued myself.

I'm 19, nearly 20, 5'2 inches and I'm 220lbs.

Since moving a couple hundred miles away from my family a year ago the weight started to pile on, along with me passing my driving test and gaining a car, I gained weight. I really want to loose said weight. My motivation is that I'm off on holiday with my partner in October, and it's the first time on holiday in about 10 years. I've bought my swimming costumes and what not, but I'd love to loose some weight before then so my holiday clothes fit a little better maybe?

I haven't the money to actually go to weight watchers meetings, but my Grandad has kindly given me all of his old books and his points calculator, so that's something. We don't really have the money to buy a lot of weight watchers products, nor a lot of salad or fridge foods. It's mostly freezer foods we can afford right now, which sucks.

Are there any cheap meals you would suggest to a teen with not a lot of money which are low on points?

Exercise is also a problem, I hate running so that's not an option. I don't have money for the gym either so I purchased a stepper with handles and have been using that. I also have the biggest looser exercise DVD. Any more suggestions that can be done in the house? I'm rather worried about my stomach, but I know it's one of the hardest places to shift the weight.

Thank you for reading, I'm just looking for support and suggestions really :)
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