August 15th, 2010


Tired but lighter

Doing weigh ins after my long runs makes for some really wonky results. So after dropping 12 lbs in the preceeding two weeks, this week I lose .4 lbs. It's a loss and I'm happy with it. I could have done a bit better this week but having my body do some freaky things while looking for its new "normal" is to be expected.

The big news is that our group finally got a leader. She seems knowledgeable and kind, I think we will get along wonderfully.

The running still continues to go better than anticipated. Today's long run was a 10 mile run that I managed in 1:53...I don't think they will be calling me to be in the first corral at Boston but I am starting to feel well trained for 13.1 miles. My wife and I decided to run one more 5k. A large chunk of the race course will be along an area we usually the same time that we are usually running it. So why not do it wearing a bib?

This really has been a week where I've been made even more certain that goals are so very important. The weather has ranged from "miserable" to "foul" and I've not missed a training day. It's so much easier to stick to your workout routine and eating plan when there is a payoff. Find that passion within yourself and you will start to crave the better choice.


Can someone please explain to me how I could lose 17 pounds and still be wearing the same clothes? Okay, some of my clothes have gotten to big, so it would stand to reason that I could wear a size smaller, right? Wrong. I just tried on several of my size 14 clothes and none of them fit. It's so annoying.