August 11th, 2010

Hello Again!

Hey everybody.

I haven't completely fallen off the wagon. I've been tracking points on WW online faithfully and I'm running a lot, but just kind of staying around 171-174 range. I just want to get to the 160's, so I need to make a strong push.

I'm recommitting myself to going to WW meetings starting next week! This summer has been full of partying, and I figure that's been the my main downfall!

The great news is - I've met a boy! woohooo (that's part of the distraction). Luckily, he's a runner too and likes to cook/eat healthy! This would be a great catch if I snag him. haha

In September, I begin training for the Disney World MARATHON in January! Eeek! This is something I never thought I would do. I'm still a little intimidated, but I've read some really good books about normal people doing marathons. The goal is to just FINISH. Yay! It should be fun!

Homemade Freezer Meals

I'm interested in making individual meals (like SmartOnes) to keep handy in the freezer. I'd like to avoid the preservatives and sodium in the pre-packaged meals but love the convenience and portion control. Has anyone done this? Favorite recipes or tricks? Thanks!