August 5th, 2010

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A Marker achieved

I weighed in below my high school weight today, for the first time since I was a teenager. A very, very long time ago. It's also the weight my (ex)-doctor told me was the highest I should be, also many years ago.

10 lbs 'til I hit my WW goal (the lowest one they'll let me have).

But it bugs me that I'm still in the double digits for pants sizes. I'm 5'6", 134 pounds. (Highest weight: 215. Starting weight: 206.) I exercise almost daily. What is it going to take?

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I am so stoked! My aunt, and ww buddy, just got me the Weight Watcher's New Complete Cookbook Momentum program edition from Walmart.  It has 500 recipes, and from the quick scan I have done it looks like lots of really great stuff!  I also lost this week at my weigh in, and I really didn't think I would this week. I have injured both my hip and my shoulder, so have had a really bad exercise week.  I can't lift, can't do sit ups, and can't even walk leisurely until my body heals, because I keep getting worse if I even do light housework, so I'm on forced couch potato mode. I hate it!  5 months ago it wouldn't have bothered me a bit to have an excuse to do nothing, but now I want to walk so bad I am about to lose my ever loving mind!  When I saw that .6 pound loss at my meeting today, my mood just turned right around, because I was sure I had gained, being such a slug all week.  I ate well, but used some of my weekly points, over half of them, so I was really worried.  Knowing I didn't lose ground this week really helped my attitude, and then the wonderful surprise my aunt bought me just put me right on a cloud of empowerment!  I am going to try new things this week, and stick as close as I can to my daily points and see if I can't lose a pound next week, even if I don't heal enough to do any walking or strength training.  I just feel so happy I had to share!
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