July 25th, 2010



for the past 2 weeks I have not been losing weight, and I have been doing everything per plan. I have been eating my food allowance, and working out as well. I am considering giving myself one day to eat what I want and not monitor it (not eating like a pig though) and seeing if that kick starts my metabolsim. I am not sure. I hope that does not backfire. I was also considering seeing a nutritionist to see if maybe incorprating different foods would work out for me. Here is a typical day of food for me:

morning (spread around in small snacks)
-coffee with 1 tbs light cream, no sugar
-2 servings of frozen fruit (about 16 random pieces (strawberries, peaches, honeydew melon, pineapple)
-6 oz greek yogurt
-instant packet of low sugar oatmeal

1 cup of veggies (baby carrots, grape tomatoes, peppers
light string cheese
3 tbs hummus
3 wasa crackers

typical snacks:
unsweetended applesauce,
green tea
laghing cow cheese with light english muffin
hard boiled egg

something like 2 fat free hot dogs/light buns with unsweetned veggies
veggie burger and salad
salmon and salad
whole wheat pasta with veggies and tomato sauce

lately i have been feeling guilty when I eat something and i know it has little nutritional value, such as baked chips, tootsie rolls, crackers, etc. Once I finish them I will try and not be buying them anymore.

any other tips?? I feel like I read fitness magazines all day long and try to absorb what they say but I am missing something!!

some people say NOT to graze (which i do- i eat breakfast over the course of about 3 hrs) and then i have lunch 2 hrs later, then dinner 6 hrs later, maybe with a snack inbetween. then a small snack if i have points avail. after dinner...