July 18th, 2010


Busy Sunday

My wife and I finally figured out what to do about Sunday WW meetings and Sunday long runs. The run by the way was a crushing success. This was an 8 mile run that I brought in six and a half minutes ahead of schedule and it felt GREAT! My wife and I decided to run early and just take whatever hit came as a result and make that our new weight and move forward.

...and I still lost 2.6 lbs. That makes the current stats

SW: 406
CW: 233
GW: 180

We finally got our new leader. I just wanted to hug her and tell her that it's okay...
It's plain that being in front of a group is totally new to her. She was driving the meeting like a freight train that went off the rails a few times as she tried to find the correct note card. She seems like a decent person, enthusiastic and knowledgeable but in dire need of a few seconds of quiet time to steel her nerves.

Now I put on my Morbo disguise. Having sat through a few meetings to see what other leaders have to offer I have to say
"Glycogen does not work that way!"
If I hear another leader treating it as if it were the pre-game show for weight-loss, I'm going to have to give out a biology 101 beatdown...y'all have seen me do it.