July 14th, 2010


Low Point Substitutes Sharing Time!

Hello everybody!

I/a lot of us want to know your low point substitutes. Like brand names, where to get them, etc. I have a few to share and I know some of y'all out there do, too. I figure I'd share the knowledge I have learned at meetings with y'all since not all of y'all go to meetings, but we all share the same goal!

My favorite chocolate treat is a chocolate Vitatop. They're only 1pt each and are great for breakfast, dessert, you name it. I'm thinking about even making a mini-layer cake with them for a friend's birthday. I just need to find some points friendly "icing" layer.

Instead of chips and salsa, I've been doing popcorn and salsa. It sounds weird, but the popcorn has the same kind of salty flavor chips have. I like the big 2pt bag of Orville Redenbacker's Smart Pop.

And instead of boohoo-ing over peanut butter, I was turned on to PB2. It is one of the most awesome things I've ever gotten from a meeting. Essentially this company sells two products- peanut oil and the rest of the peanut or PB2. It is a powder that you reconstitute with any liquid (water, healthy oils, the jelly on your PB&J) and to me, it tastes a lot like Peter Pan PB. It is 1pt for 2TBSPs- and that's ALOT of PB. It is an excellent way to get in protein and it has 85% less fat than normal PB.

And always, I love Hungry Girl's recipe solutions.

Your turn!

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i know weight loss is somewhat unexplainable...but someone please try and help me out..today's weigh in was my biggest one- a 4 lb loss! i usually lose about 1-1.5 lbs per week. last week, i hardly exercised...i ate all of my flex points (as usual), i didnt change up my food routine at all. i know healthy is 1-2 lbs per week so what gives? i really hope it is not lean muscle....