June 27th, 2010



Just a quick update, because I am going to go shower and pass out in a few haha but...you may remember I posted a couple days ago about running a 5K for the first time all the way through with no walking (on a treadmill, granted) and finishing at 34:50 and it being the best feeling everrr. Well, today I ran an actual, outdoors 5K in the Florida heat. And...


I'll update when I get my official time online (which I am thinking is maybe a minute or so better, because I was a bit far back), but holy f@^@!%g s$&!, I ran a 5K in under 35 minutes. That was my goal for NEXT week's July 4 5K. This week it was just to run the entire thing...which, let me say, was ridiculously hard and I wanted to stop SO many times...but I didn't.

Words really can't describe how I am feeling at this moment.

This calls for my most favorite Will Schuester GIF.



♥♥♥♥♥ Happy rest of the weekend, WWers!

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Disappointed Sunday

It's been a disappointing day in the life of the new more healthy George.
At the weigh in this morning I lost a whopping .4 lbs and I only managed to make 5.5 miles of my "long run" today that was supposed to be seven.

As we often point out, it's not the numbers on the scale but these totally reflect my week. My tracking was crap as was my self-control AND I skipped a workout and the meager loss reflects this. It's not the number on the scale that has me so fired up to do better but knowing that I really didn't even deserve that loss.

The run was a mixed bag. I did manage to make a pretty good headway considering the heat AND a guy tried to pick me up. Thank you random gay man for the self esteem boost. That said, I didn't manage to make it the 7 miles I was supposed to do. I'm not sure If I'm going to do it next Sunday or just move on to the eight miles that I'm supposed to be running then.

So, I know what I did and I'm going to use this past week to keep me inspired and on track.

I hope you all have a groovy week as well!