June 16th, 2010


So i have been a memeber for a long time of this community. The girls at work are constantly doing WW on and off again. I finally decided i would give it a try. My name is Melissa, I am 29 yrs old and i am 5'6. I started a week ago today. I will be posting what i eat to help track myself plus using my booklet. I am allowed 20pts a day.

Starting weight: 144
Current weight: 141.2
Goal Weight: 120

Today so far for breakfast i have had:
Coffee: 0
Fat free creamer: 0
Splenda: 0
Whole wheat english muffin: 1
Sugar free jelly: 0
Spray butter: 0
Boiled egg: 2
Cup O' Joe

Eating my "fun" points


I'm currently doing WW online, and I've really picked up the pace with my workouts this past week. I'm definitely not over-exercising, but I'm getting between 9-11 activity points per day instead of my usual 4-6 points per day. (I've been trying some new classes and such).

Because I've been working out so much, I've been WAY more hungrier than normal. I feel like I need to be eating an extra meal each day, and I've eaten almost all of my fun points for the week. I'm about to delve into my activity points today. Is this normal? Does anyone else have an increase of hunger when increasing exercise? I do watch my sugar intake carefully because I'm pre-diabetic, and I've increased my protein intake slightly.

Also, if I'm eating my activity points, is this going to prevent me from losing as fast? Will this extra hunger feeling ever go away?

Thanks in advance!
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