June 7th, 2010

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Hey :)

Just A Brief Introduction.

My Name Is Em, I Am Soon To Be 21 Years Old, And I Am A Student Studying Law/Legal Studies At A Well Recognized University.
I'd Like To Post A Disclaimer About Myself, Though I'm Sure I'm Bound To Repeat It.
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Thank You For Your Time, I Hope I Can Find A Place Here :)
new hair

okay, I can't hande it!

I was trying to eat healthy while not following WW because I can't afford the meetings or e-tools and I have NOT been successful.
so even though, I won't be going to meetings or tracking on e-tools, I'm counting my points. It's just so easy for me to overeat when I don't and I don't want to gain the near 20lbs I've lost since February. I do have the questionnaire booklet so I can recalculate my points as I continue to lose weight but I hope no one minds if I ask for some point values every once in awhile. I do have the A - Z food points book but it might not cover everything.

I'm starting today and find that Mondays are great to start new things. So I'll also (hopefully!) be walking in the late afternoon.

Wish me luck!
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Here's The Scoop:

My Boyfriend Of Five Years Broke Up With Me Last Night. Long Story Short, He Needs To Work On Himself.

I Am Ridden With Grief And Anger.
The Two Emotions Have My Brain In A Bunch.
I'm Swinging From Extreme Anxiety Of Eating, Towards A Rampant Desire To Eat Everything.

How Do You Deal With Sadness, Or Unexpected Events? How Do You Prevent Getting Off Track With Your Plan?
Any Advice Would Be Greatly Appreciated

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Hello, everyone! I decided to start Weight Watchers after seeing a picture of myself taken a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd introduce myself!

Age: 22
5' 5"
SW (starting weight): 228
CW (current weight): 228
GW (goal weight): 150

I would love a WW buddy if anyone is interested! :-) I'm also thinking about starting a weight loss blog. Have any of you guys tried that? How did it work for you?

Glad to have found you guys!