May 13th, 2010

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* Progress Pictures! *

Hey everyone! I joined this community back in January but I've done nothing but lurk until now :] I have been on Weight Watchers since January 1st and I have lost 47.3 pounds so far! I have a YouTube Channel that I update every two weeks to see my progress, but yesterday after I was done filming, I decided to take some pictures to compare side by side. I was so blown away that I just had to share my "Whoo Hoo!" Moment =D I took all of my photos in this tankini that I bought a year ago. If you go watch my first video you can see how crazy tight everything was! I can't believe it's only been 4 and a half months and I look this different!

Click on any of the pictures to see them full size :)

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I guess none of this loss truly set in until I saw the pictures side by side!

Like I said, I have a YouTube Channel at ! Feel free to check out my videos and subscribe! If any of you are on YouTube and do the same kind of thing, add me so I can add you back! The videos I have found on there are super inspirational and the people I have met on YouTube have really been incredible :)

I hope everyone is having a great week! Keep up the awesome work everyone!!! Stay healthy!
-Pretty T
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What do you do when you lose nothing, and when you worked your freaking butt off all week and nothing, when you even worked out harder this week. sigh.

i am sad and now i just don't want to eat and want to cry.
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My meeting leader gave us a tip that she used to do when she started out that I think is a pretty neat idea and I thought I would share it with everyone. It's especially good for newbies, I think. When she would go out to eat with friends or family, instead of just ordering first, which is always a good idea, she would also say she had to use the restroom, so used that as an excuse to order first, and then would run to the potty and give herself positive self talk while everyone else ordered so she wouldn't change her mind and tell the waiter she wanted the horribly fattening yumminess so and so was having after all.  I thought that tidbit was worth sharing,  hope it helps someone!

Part two.
This is mostly for George, but if any other resident geeks are out there and know the answer, feel free to chime in yourselves!  How long does it take for the exercise  you are doing that is burning calories to result in weight loss?  Does it burn as it goes, or does it take a few hours?  I had 35 minutes to think as I walked as fast as I could move to my meeting today, and got to hoping the energy I was using would show up on the scale.  I also had the same thought earlier as I wrestled for almost 2 hours taking xrays on an 135 pound Rottweiler at work today.  Even an sedated 135 pound dog is quite a workout to take elbow, shoulder, knee and hip films on, especially when your machine is antiquated and you have to repeat ALL of them at least once.  I thought about halfway through, this workout better pay off this evening!
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