May 12th, 2010


It's within you

Well yesterday was one of those we all know and loathe...I just really didn't care. I didn't have a whole lot of enthusiasm for the program and was running 100% in the "fake it" part of "fake it 'till you make it." It rained most of the day so there was no running, it wasn't a lift day and the best I could do was whip up a reasonably nice dinner 11 point dinner for my wife and I.

This morning really didn't start much better. It's wet, it's gray and so was my mood...but it wasn't raining so I packed my running gear, even though I was running late. At 12:30 I suited up and headed out into the gray misty afternoon and was just expecting to phone it in.
That, boys and girls was when life reminded me of what we already know.
The act of doing it makes you more excited about it.

For the first quarter of a mile, I was thinking this was all some big mistake. Having some time to ponder it, I realized that yes, I had made a mistake, I let myself go. I'm correcting that mistake. Around mile 1 my enthusiasm was starting to wane so I decided to start throwing in some sprints...not as punishment but just to improve. Interval training is good in all things. At the end of the 5k run I looked down and it's a personal best time. Admittedly this is easy because I've only just got up to training consistently at that distance but 31 mins is solid progress when I consider that it wasn't that long ago that a single mile in 18 mins was the best I could do.

My well is least for now.
The moral of this story is, when you are feeling low, don't just sit there! Get up and MOVE! Go enjoy the new abilities of the amazing new body you are working so hard to have. It will make you glad you did and glad you are DOING.