May 10th, 2010

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For those of you who have done WW while breast feeding how well did it work for you? I've done flex before and done well as long as I stay on plan. Did you find you did better when eating the flex points or not?
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In the little quiz to calculate how many points I get daily, I put that I have a high activity level by saying that I am walking most of the time. I work out around two hours five to six days a week and do household things, walk campus, and my job is working in a daycare, plus I have a six year old at home. Am I right in putting walking most of the time?


So I recently re joined WW for the second time [first time was in college, I lost a total of 55lbs, and kept it off for about 2years] Then I got pregnant with my first child, gained it all back plus some....and it took about a year of me dieting off and on to 20lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. Then I got pregnant with my second child [just had her 7wks ago]. and gained a total of 50lbs [yeah i know, way too much]

I joined WW 4wks ago. Weighing in at 206.2lbs. My first week back I lost 6.2lbs [I know its mostly water and such] Next week I lost 0.6lbs, and this past week [I weigh sundays] I only lost 0.2lbs. Im not quite sure why its so little! Ive been eating my points, and varying the number of weekly points [sometimes none a week, and sometimes all] From what I remember the first time I did WW I was losing at least 1lb a week, and with my just having a baby [Im no longer nursing] shouldn't the weight be coming over faster? What am I doing wrong, I track everything, and I make good choices with my points....its very discouraging to have done so great all week, and then only lose 0.2lbs!

Any advice would be great.
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I went to weigh in tonight and despite womanly troubles and too much food on Sunday, I'm down another 0.8 lbs :)

SW: 269.6
CW: 252.6
GW: 151

Total WL: 17 lbs!

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