May 9th, 2010


Accountability Sunday

First the numbers
I lost another 2.6 lbs this week and I have no idea why. That puts me down 149.8 (grrr) total.

The 5k went very well. Environmental factors made if utter misery. LOTS of uphills, very high humidity and forgetting to take my asthma medication that morning made it HURT...but I still beat my previous time by two minutes (just under 33 mins) so I am quite pleased about the whole thing.

Sadly the going out for a little carb loading on race eve turned into a lot of BAD eating decisions and as I said in my meeting today "I crashed and burned. Debris was spread across several counties, fatalities numbered in the hundreds and the resulting fireball could be seen from space." I won't enumerate it all but I will say the only saving graces were that I was too full for dessert and I didn't have a beer/soft drink. That said, total calorie burn came in at just over 24,000 for the week so even on the rare food binge, a crazed workout schedule can make the week salvageable.

So, now I begin training for the 10k next month. RAWR!

ugh plateau

 i am still plateauing. i posted before and the support was really helpful, but i'm looking for help from someone who had a plateau.
i'm 17 and 5"6, female.
hw: 181
cw: 165
gw: 140

i find lately that i'm hungrier than i used to be, but i try to bike to school everyday and i run around twice a week and walk a lot. i do use my cheat points most weeks, but i feel like i should still be losing? anyhelp!?
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I am BEYOND frustrated with weight watchers right now…beyond! So I haven’t lost a single pound in two weeks. I know two weeks may not seem like a lot but I just came off of a month long plateau. So I know the questions that will come…I’m tracking EVERYTHING I put in my mouth, I’m getting all of my water/veggies/etc, I’ve tried eating my activity points, not eating them, etc. I’m not retaining water, etc. I eat well basically all natural foods.

I’m a nursing mother and talked with leader about lowering my points I receive because I nurse, she recommended not cutting my points as my daughter still nurses frequently and I work out daily.

So what are your thoughts??? I know that I am in a much better place health wise than I was several months ago when I began this journey, but I looked back and I’ve only lost a few pounds since January….not the 1-2 lbs a week weight watchers suggests. Frustrated! I’m not quitting…venting…thinking about other options but I’m still going to keep working on my healthy lifestyle!
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I hate Sunday nights

I weigh in on Monday evenings and I'm nervous. In my weight watcher's history, every time I go home for the weekend I gain weight. I've been trying really hard to be good this weekend but I have found myself eating chocolate here and there. I did exercise yesterday for 35 minutes (walk/jog on the trail) and I have been tracking. except for today. I can name the bad things I ate on one hand.

I have an orthodontist appointment at 9:30am and I'm thinking about going to a weigh-in near home to just get it over with. I hate dreading the weigh in all day until I go to the meeting near school.

I know i have not been drinking enough water but I've been a lot more active this week compared to the past.
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