May 5th, 2010

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two somewhat related questions

For mother's day I'd like to get my mom a new WII fit game. I'm pretty sure she just has the basic WII fit and she was using it daily for a really long time. And she says she's cut back because she got bored. Do you guys have any recs for WII games you like that might make a good gift. I'm looking for something with a gentle workout. I've heard good things about EA sports, but I wonder if it's a bit too much for her??

also. My mom did WW like, gawd, 25 years ago?? and i think she had success at the time, but i was a wee thing back then and don't really remember. She's put all that weight back on and has quite a bit she needs to lose (at least 50). She was asking me about WW online the other day and I told her my experience was that I didn't care for it much. I do better in meetings and being held accountable to another person works much better for me. She said she figured she'd be the same way too, but I think she feels weird about going. Is it the worst idea to buy her some sort of WW related membership thingie for mother's day? is that just weird?
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Starting Weight: 316...I was this weight when I got married 3 years ago, and have been about this weight...

Until St. Patrick's Day when I had my first weigh-in, and changed my life.  What made me go?  I'm tired of standing in front of the mirror and crying because I felt I looked disgusting.  I hated when I needed new clothes, because I'd cry in the dressing room when nothing fit, and I'd have to find a higher size.  I got tired of feeling so sluggish and bored.  I got tired of not wanting to be intimate with my husband because I was either feeling too sluggish or because I didn't feel attractive.  

The first week, I was down to 309.  The second week, 303.  The next few weeks, I only had losses that were in the decimal places.  I got frustrated, but I realized that a loss was a loss, and it wasn't a gain nor a ZERO.  I also realized that I had so many big loss weeks, that it was okay if I had a couple of small loss weeks.  

This past week, I really pushed hard.  I ate my points, did my walking, drank my water, and finally bought vitamins.  

Today's weigh-in merits celebration for three reasons:

1.   I have now reached (and surpassed) my 5% weightloss goal!
2.  I have a new tens-digit!



I hope to use this natural high that I have, right now, to keep my momentum going!

Working out pains

I am trying to starting working in some exercise into my routine and I'm coming up against a problem. After about 15-20 mins of working out my legs start to cramp and HURT. I am stretching beforehand, but it seems that no matter how much I do I still have this problem. It's really curbing my workouts because I even though don't feel winded or exhausted, I have to stop because my legs simply hurt too much.

Does this happen to anyone else? Any suggestions on an exercise that won't do this? It happens whether I'm walking briskly, running or even just dancing around my living room. Or any stretching techniques that may help avoid this? Or is it just something I have to push through and eventually my body will get used to it?

I'm a runner

I like to get a daily run in over my lunch hour. We have a shower in my office so I have enough time to run for half an hour, get a quick shower and then eat my lunch as I work. Not only does is there the calorie burn/training thing but getting the blood going really does end the afternoon "blahs." but this isn't about that.

Running through downtown Harrisburg at a consistent time I start recognizing faces. The same people pass by me day after day as I slog along. Since I've only been back at running for a few months, I want what they have and they inspire me to keep pushing. These people are also part of my support system. I'm sure in March I was just the next fat kid trying to start a running regimen. I'm sure the leathery white haired man had seen literally hundreds of them briefly appear along his route every spring. He probably thought of them as fat butterflies.

Did you notice the subtle pronoun shift there? "them" not "us." A wonderful subtle thing has begun to occur with regularity. The familiar but stoic faces I see move past have begun to smile. Occasionally they wave and in very rare moments, they offer brief words of encouragement that to me are worth more than gold. I am now one of them. They know it and they have let me know it. I'm in the club... I AM A RUNNER!

Post script: I excitedly told my dear wife about this this past weekend. She was happy for me but clearly didn't get why I was so excited. Monday as we ran along the Susquehanna River, a guy paused while running past "Good job you two! Keep going!" My wife was beaming. She gets it now...she's a runner too.
Bad Day - Food

Woot! Fantastic week - results on the scale and in my life...

Yay! Went to my meeting tonight (I was unable to go last week, because I was working until 2am for stock-take) and I have lost 5lb!

This is great because it means I got my first "silver seven" (for 7lb weight lost - half a stone!) and I have lost 5% of my weight!

I'm so proud of myself for this! I had a bit of a wobbly day on Sunday, but I made sure I did extra exercise and it worked. So I'm very pleased. I'm averaging 2.5lb per week at the moment. It's slightly higher than the recommended amount, but that's kind of understandable considering I'm doing a lot of running in preparation for my race in July!

I walked to my meeting (it's about 15 minutes away) and then I did my usual run right after the meeting. It's so much harder running on different paths to what I'm used to. I found I was much more tired out! I did 16 minutes running total tonight and high-fived a man who had just completed a 5k charity run at a field nearby. It was great :D I'm having a bad week with running though. Last week I managed 15mins running and it felt almost effortless. This week I've really, *really* struggled with it. I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps it's just a frustrating week and I'll do really well next week. Who cares! I'm just proud of myself for getting out there and doing it!

I had my first compliment this week from a colleague about my weight loss, and another lady I work with is signing up with Weight Watchers because she's so inspired by what I'm doing. That is truly amazing!

Also, I went to grab my phone out of my jeans pocket today whilst I was sat down and it was so much easier to do. It's such a small, silly thing, but it made me smile. I guess there's less of me to expand into my pockets now lol!

Feeling like I'm on a total roll at the moment. I'm even on day 4 of no-smoking. That was kind of unintentional if I'm honest, but I'm going to go with it regardless and just see how well I do!

Hope you all have a fantastic week! I'm sending positive vibes your way! :)