May 4th, 2010


What's for dinner?

I tend to do my weekly grocery shopping on Tuesday nights since my wife is taking some classes. So I have some free time and I'm jotting down notes on what I want to make for dinners this week and it dawns on me that since I am pretty good at rocking my eating, I should share.

I usually start with a fridge inventory and a few go-to cookbooks that are good for ideas as well as actual recipes. Then I break out a 4x5 index card and start figuring out what will use up things that will go bad soon and then what else do I want. For straight up leftovers, we are having some turkey tacos (ground turkey, beans, rice, tomatoes, romaine, tortillas) and a salad tonight, this will give me a quick way to have some dinner ready when the missus arrives home. To use up the tortillas, I'm thinking I'll do buffalo chicken wraps (pan seared chicken strips tossed in wing sauce with lettuce, tomatoes and some low fat blue cheese), I'll have to see what looks good in the produce section for a veggie dish. There is half a pound of pork loin in the freezer and fresh broccoli seems to be in abundance so I'm going to do a pan-fried Tonkatsu with steamed broccoli. After that some grilled miso-glazed salmon and whatever produce looks like it would look good with a nice char on it. Finally I think it's going to be pan seared chicken with some pasta and a mushroom skillet clue what kind of side I'm going to work with that but darn near any veggie would work...maybe if they have some fresh green beans!

Nothing on that list is going to take more than 30 minutes fridge to plate and it's all good, wholesome and fresh. We typically eat out once a week and I like to keep one frozen convenience meal (Bocca burgers is an example) for nights when even 30 minutes seems like too much work.

So, what's fueling you this week?
true story.
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weird question.

This may seem kind of like a weird question, but do I have to look at the scale or be told my weight at meetings?? Or can the leader just tell me if I am gaining or losing and which bracket I need to be in when I get there and stuff?!?