May 3rd, 2010

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New found resolve

I have just been brutal all of April...losing and regaining the same 4 lbs over and over.

No more! I am down to three months pre-wedding and no more messing around!

I am starting to work out again question is....what type of workout do you guys find has the best results. I just finished running my first half marathon and it made little dif in my weight!

I am going to try a crossfit type approach...unless you guys have another idea! I am thinking run 15; weights for 10 upper body; elliptical 15; weights for 10 lower. Going to try this five times this week and see how it goes!

Does anyone have a really good fat blasting, make the pounds die hard workout!?!? hehe
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Oh Happy Day!

I've had a really good past week and it totally showed tonight at weigh-in. I'm down 3.2 lbs. So I lost what I gained last week plus another whole pound.

I'm only 9.8lbs from my 10% goal.
I'm hoping I can reach - 20 lbs by next week. I know losing 3.8 lbs in a week is not realistic but a girl can dream right? I'm just frustrated that it's take me this long to lose 10%. My pattern has been lose, lose, gain or lose, gain, lose.

My friend reached her 16th week tonight and is down 30lbs! She has been dedicated 110% while I slacked off every once in awhile. I'll be at my 16th week on May 17th. I'd love to be - 20 or more by then.

SW: 269.6

CW: 253.4

GW: 151

Total weight loss: -16.2 lbs
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Is this a good diet plan?

I am looking to lose weight. I am a 159 lb female who is 5'3''. Also I am relatively young (19) but have had a relatively seditary lifestyle since I came to college. I also am determined to stop my binging. I am looking to get back into shape this summer. My finals are over next week and I have a doctors appointment this friday so I am going to devote 100% to this.
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