April 28th, 2010

Re-joined WW

Name: Kia
Age: 24
Height: 5'1"
SW (starting weight): 181 (2006)
CW (current weight): 158
GW (goal weight): 115

Hi all. I started WW in 2006 and was able to lose about 30lbs over the course of 6 months. I have been on and off the wagon since then but have managed to stay in the 150's. I noticed that my weight has been creeping back up recently and I want to get it back under control, so I re-joined WW online this morning.

I currently have a desk job where I work full time and I am also going to school full time. I feel like it doesn't leave me much extra time to exercise, or even plan the best meals. If I am going to lose weight, I really need to dedicate myself to it. I hope this community can offer me the motivation and support I may need during the tougher times!
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Fried Food.

So yesterday I had a a lot of extra points by the end of the day. And I mean a lot. I get 39 points and I had only had 9 by 8pm. I had done a very poor job of planning out my day. I worked and went to school all day and I just didn't make the time to eat. Very bad I know.

Anyways, I found myself at the Texas Road House that night. Knowing I had so many points, and knowing it had been so long since I had fried food, I ordered the Chicken Critters. Worst idea of my life. Haha

I am making this post because I want to remind you all of how you feel the day after fried food. First of all you feel kind of bad because well, it definitely wasn't the best choice for my points. Second, I feel incredibly sluggish! Fried food may taste good but you will not feel good in the morning.

I never want to forget how I feel right now. I hope I always remember so that I can avoid that fried food next time!

SW: 294.6
CW: 283.5
GW: (mini goal) 275
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Follow my blog. :)

Just wanted to come and post a link to my blog. I have been doing Weight Watchers since 2005 and lost a log of weight.

I originally started my blog posting photos of everything I ate each day but it got to be too much.

Now my blog is a place for recipies, ideas, motivation, fitness goals etc.

I'd really love for you all to check it out. :)


Hope everyone is doing well!
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I'm just starting to get bored with food.
Craving a lot of things.
I'm not eating much variety I guess.
I've gotten some cook books but haven't liked many things in them.
Maybe I just need to stop sticking with the same foods.

Go shake the pillars of heaven

Okay...so Big Trouble in Little China is in my head.

Time to face that part of the week I've been dreading. Been stupid busy before but now I'm moving into a pair of days that pretty much will overlap. I'm feeling pretty good about living off of hotel food. Wholesome snack bag is ready to go and my running gear is packed in my car as well. So far this week my calorie burn is just short of 16k. Considering that Friday is a rest day, I'm going to have to find a way to burn 4,000 tomorrow while running a trade show. If I manage to pull off my weekly numbers, you know I'm going to be utterly insufferable to anyone who doesn't have time to exercise. :-)

So anyway... have a good rest of your week everyone and go be awesome!