April 27th, 2010

new hair


I'm up. AGAIN.
I hate bad weeks.

I've promised myself that I would go to the gym today through next Monday and burn 500 calories each visit. That way I will have technically burned 1lb's worth of calories. I'm excited about the challenge. I was thinking of splitting it into two work outs a day, bruning 250 each work out but it's not feasible with my school schedule.

Oh and I'm paid for the the month of May but I canceled my membership today. So I'm able to go until May 31st. I just can't afford it anymore.

I will continue the program at home during the summer. Thankfully I have the points book and my calculator in my weight history booklet. I hope my dad will reinstate my gym membership at home but if not, I WILL make it work. I have a dog (Jingles) who needs to be walked at least 45 minutes EACH day so Jingles is my exercise tool.

We also frequent my aunt's pool in the summer (we don't have a pool OR a/c!) so I'll be sure to do laps there, too.
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two things!

I am finally going to be able to start going to meetings next week, my awful semester will be over then, thank gosh!

I am starting to get pretty nervous and excited, any advice for the jitters?

Also, I find myself having 4-5 points left after dinner. I don't mind all that much because I tend to get hungry later in the evening and it helps me from mindless snacking but I am getting bored with what I am going to in the evenings, any snacks that are 4-5 points that are your go to snacks/mini meals ??