April 26th, 2010


Ultimate NSV

So this morning I go for my bi-annual doctor's appointment...no I don't mean annual. Annual checkups are for people who don't have high: blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar and aren't class III obese.

It just happens to be that neither do I anymore.

Apparently I still have VERY mild hypertension and it is controlled with a diuretic and I'm now "class I obese" but the rest of my problems are gone. So, while I was rescheduled for another six month appointment, she didn't order any testing and told me that if I continue down the path I'm on by the next visit I should be down to zero risk factors beyond family history. Medically speaking, I'll be "normal" again.

This, ladies and gents is what it's about.
true story.
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Does anyone have any food scales they recommend?
I just bought one and it told me my pound of turkey was three pounds and three slices was 12 ounces.
Obviously not a good one and a wrong one!