April 25th, 2010



Name:  Danielle

Age:  21

Height:  5 feet, 3 inches

SW (starting weight):  203 pounds
CW (current weight):  203 pounds

GW (goal weight): 150 pounds

Hello everyone!  I'm Danielle, and I started the Weight Watchers plan on Monday.  I have been unhappy with my weight for quite some time now, but none of the plans I tried worked to bring it down.  I know several people who've had excellent success with Weight Watchers, so I figured I'd give it a go.  So far so good, I'm not finding the plan hard to stick to and I'm never hungry like I was before.  I'm hoping to reach my goal by Christmas as I'm going to visit my grandparents in Florida and it would be awesome to get a new bathing suit.  :-) 

Weigh in time!

The hard work payed off on the scale! BodyMedia gives my week's calorie burn as 26,207 and I'm down another 4lbs. That puts me at:

CW: 261.4
GW: 180

My wife and I got the pleasure of backing my car up to a Salvation Army donation box and shoving a lot of stuff that is just too big to wear anymore through the slot. Yesterday was awesome just for the run. Usually, I include my 1/4 mile warm up walk as part of the workout but my iPod bleweded up so I had to recalibrate for the new one. Since by the time I was done with the calibration I'd already covered a half mile (you calibrate for both walking and running) I just went into my run full tilt the whole time. I ran 9:51 min/miles for 2.5 miles. Haile Gebrselassie is in no way intimidated but I am delighted with consistent progress.

This week is going to be a challenge. I've been invited to a suite at tonight's Hershey Bears game and I will be away from home, eating off of a hotel buffett (and very busy) for a day and a half this week.
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Weigh In

So I had posted earlier in the week as I was thinking of trying a cleansing program, but after meeting with my fitness instructor we decided that it wasn't the right path for me to take right now. So she came to my house and we went over a new eating plan that I could follow along with weight watchers, and all I have to say is...it works!

Eating plan is really simple....buy natural foods, eat as clean as possible (meaning real ingredients that I can pronounce). She went through my cupboards and oh my goodness I was shocked. Then I went grocery shopping and have been following this since Wednesday afternoon and have noticed a huge difference in how I feel, no more headaches, and I honestly think I'm seeing more clearly.

Also.....I'm down 4 pounds this week (I know more than ww recommends but I still ate all my points daily and followed the healthy food guidelines, etc).

My husband and I had thought we did a good job eating healthy, but after meating with Jodi, I realized that lower fat doesn't necessarily mean healthier, etc. Some big changes are really watching ingredients (instead of reduced fat crackers we have soy/rice crisps, totally delicious). Also switched from reduced fat peanut butter to all natural peanut butter (only ingredient is peanuts). Honestly the products are a little more expensive but I'm full much longer, so it works out the same in the long run.

Loving this plan and am so glad I met with her!

Starting weight- 241.5
Current weight- 184.5 (beat my mini goal of 185)
Total Lost- 57 lbs!