April 23rd, 2010


Way too wired

I got the display for my GoWear Fit this morning. This REALLY seems to be a darn cool gizmo. Since it can also tell time, it's not like it's something extra on my wrist but having calorie burn numbers on demand is just darn handy.

...I'll let you know if it's still a cool device in a couple of weeks or is it just a watch with extra buttons.

Weigh in day

I was up 1.8 pounds, which was not unexpected and in fact, planned for. I went to the beach for a four-day weekend and ate what I wanted. So no biggie. I did have two NSVs this week.

1. Got right back on plan as soon as I got home from the beach. This has been a problem for me in the past, so I'm happy I was able to get right back to it this time.

2. Was able to zip and button a pair of size 14 pants. They're still too tight to actually wear, but hey, I zipped them up!