April 21st, 2010


NSV and a goal

So, last night I made a run by Costco and I end up walking by a table of dress pants. As I'm losing weight and need them for work, I tend to keep an eye out for deals on the next size down. As luck would have it, the next size down is 44...for the ladies, this is one of those magical sizes in menswear, the deliminator between "big & tall" and just regular sizes. I get home and decide to see just how far I have to go. and. they. fit.

I go for a short run, plug in my GoWear and see that I blew right past my burn target (which is happening more and more these days) of 4100 calories. So I came up with a reasonably difficult goal for myself: I'm going to weigh 200 lbs by the time I run the half marathon in October. I did a little math and this comes out to an average of 2.8 lbs per week from now until then. Yes, I know I'm coloring outside the lines for Weight Watchers...but I pretty much always have. Since August of last year my average loss with Weight Watchers is 3.1 lbs. and bear in mind, I didn't join WW until I was two weeks into trying to change my life so that average doesn't include the huge 20 lb drop I saw the first two weeks. Still, perhaps it's unrealitic. As I get closer to that interim goal, the tougher it's going to be to keep those numbers up but I figure I'm going to dare big and if I come up short, well that's still darn cool too.
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How do you guys calculate points when you eat out? Most things I have been able to research online, but others not so much.

I keep freaking out that I am doing everything wrong, hopefully I'm not.

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I read on the weight watcher site that meetings use the momentum plan, do all meetings use it, or are you still able to decide if you want to do that or the points system?